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Killean Primary School, Newry

Connall Our Super Hero

1st Nov 2021


Connall came into school every morning with a lovely greeting for his teachers and his classmates. He was full of life and enjoyed taking on new challenges. He always had exceptional manners and told us when he was older he was going to get a tattoo. He was delighted to come in one day with a stick on tattoo which he proudly showed off to his classmates. 

Connall was a Manchester United supporter when he arrived in Killean Primary School. He wasn’t long changing teams when Liverpool started winning more games and all the boys in the class were Liverpool fans.

Connall loved playing outside in the yard, he learnt how to skip and hula hoop and he was so proud of himself. We were so proud of him too.

Connall will always be remembered by his classmates and teachers. The boys and girls love to write sentences about their best friend Connall. They have such special memories to treasure of their time together in P1/2.

Connall was a happy child who made friends easily. To honour his memory, we would like to have a friendship bench dedicated to him so all the boys and girls in Killean school now and in the future will have somewhere special to gather and share in his gift of friendship.


Fundraising – All funds to go towards the friendship bench and a designated charity chosen by Jenna, Christopher and Luan.

Connall’s Birthday  Tuesday 7th December –

Connall’s classmates  will design hearts to be hung on a designated tree in the school grounds - ‘Connall’s tree’


Whole School-Tattoo day on Connall’s birthday 7th December – voluntary donations please for each  stick on tattoo.

Superhero day at Easter-Pupils  will dress up as a super hero or someone they admire. Voluntary donations please.

To honour Connall’s memory –

Connall’s cup of kindness-

To be awarded weekly for good behaviour and kindness in the current P2/P3 class. This cup will remain with this class as they progress throughout the school.

The Connall Magee cup of kindness

P7 end of year award. -Perpetual cup  to be awarded for kindness/ exemplary behaviour or bravery.


Connall is and always will be our Super Hero. 


Click on the link below

Read Connall’s story and  please make a donation.